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How to Manage Feedback

CSS makes it easy to manage your showing activity online.

Centralized Showing Service has been serving the real estate community for nearly 20 years. We built to streamline an agent's day making their workflow easier to manage.
How to Manage Feedback

Feedback Made Easy

Hassle-free feedback collection improves your ability to quickly sell homes.

Keep Your Property “Top of Mind” with Buyer’s Agents
It’s hard to remember every showing. That’s why the CSS Feedback system is so useful. Buyer’s agents promptly receive automated feedback requests from your account on with a photo of the listing. We’ve made it quick and easy for showing agents to reply to your feedback surveys.

CSS Puts You in Control

Quickly and easily customize your own surveys and automate the delivery of feedback requests. You know what to ask buyer’s agents. gives you customized surveys, delivery options, organized collection and the ability to easily share feedback with your clients. You’ve got a competitive edge over other listing agents while enhancing your professionalism with sellers.

More and Better Feedback
Studies show that feedback leads to faster price adjustments and a quicker sales. Agents enjoy the improved quality and increased amount of feedback. simplifies the process so you can focus on your clients.

Keep Your Sellers in the Loop
Add real value to your seller relationships. Collect and share statistical reports with your sellers. You may even give them access to their own Dashboard on

Bring Those Buyers Back!

Upon reviewing feedback, listing agents may secure a price reduction or convince the seller to make improvements to increase the appeal of the property. Get a second chance with all those showing agents who’ve previously shown the house. Use the Email Announcement on your account and turn a looker into a buyer! The Email Announcement is a group email to all the previous buyer's agents. It's quick and easy to reach everyone at once. Bring those buyers back for another look!

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